What can I do for you ?

Digital facilitation

By turning complex problems into simple, elegant and intuitive solutions, I help both companies and people in better working together, understanding their common objectives, and improving the performance of their processes.

People are unique, and thanks to digital facilitation, they may be fully included without compromising the company's goals.

Artificial Intelligence

The artificial intelligence revolution is well underway, and it is altering the business landscape. I'm adapting these technologies to fit the needs of your projects.

If you are interested in combining human skills, automation, and artificial intelligence, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your projects.

Fullstack development

Problem-solving gains a fresh perspective with coding skills, and it happens to be an efficient tool to design better digital products. From backend to frontend, I use a lot of different technologies on a daily basis.

"Everybody should learn how to program a computer, should learn a computer language, because it teaches you how to think." Steve Jobs.

Process automation

Business process automation brings countless benefits across the business and its various teams and tasks. It helps companies, people and profits.

I assist in the automation of software processes that may expand in response to demand and where rules can be added, removed, updated, or rewritten to meet those needs.

Project management

By knowing how to estimate workloads in a way that benefits everyone, including the ongoing project, team members, and clients, I can assist with any part of the project.

I also help to improve communication between stakeholders and make the products easier to use.

Product development

Matching clients'needs to technical and design outcomes, understanding environnements and targeting budgets, are the keys to respond with thre right solution.

From analysis to full product design through wire framing, prototyping and development, I make solutions for users and businesses.

Research& development

Bridging the gap from a bright idea to a great product by discovering new radical paradigm shift is a daily priority.

Via simple, innovative and efficient concepts, I help to solve problems without losing sight of the real objective.

Graphics & UX design

Since 2008, I've helped businesses and organizations find professional and easy solutions by making user-friendly interfaces with cutting-edge technology and keeping my focus on the firms' core values.

3D experiences

With 3D, we can deliver high quality visual content and prototype a lot of things.

WebGL enables you to create incredible 3D scenes right in the browser and can power webVR experiences, manipulate video and much more.


The majority of my projects are protected by a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).
Do not hesitate to contact me for my complete references.

Form online editor

When using FormSolution's Studio editor, non-professional programmers can quickly and easily design sophisticated forms.

Developers, designers, creatives, and translators can put their full attention on their work thanks to four IDEs.

As a developer, I am in charge of the Studio's front end.


Flopress is an all-inclusive visual scripting environment that employs visual elements representing core WordPress processes.

Thanks to Flopress's visual scripting editor, administrators were given access to features and capabilities that were previously reserved for programmers.


The bottom-up approach was taken when developing the Portals platform. People may work more fluidly, have less stress, and produce more thanks to this innovative methodology.

The platform's success has resulted in the inclusion of this project in the core of Jway's strategy.


Benu Village Esch is a new non-profit based in Esch-sur-Alzette. Its principal goal is to build the first eco-village in Luxembourg.

In this context, I was tasked with creating a website in five languages to promote their goals.

IDP website

It's a privilege to work on the agency's website alongside the designers.

Using a profusion of CSS effects, this website displays IDP's whole range of services, their realizations, and key values.

LSC Group

I assisted LSC-Group in the development of a multisite platform for the entire group of organizations.

The website was made with a modular design architecture, which makes it easy for administrators from each entity to change the content without altering the graphical chart.

Ou acheter is a citizens' initiative with the aim of allowing producers and traders to let it be known that they were continuing their activities during the pandemic and to share their specific delivery conditions.


SimplyCIT is an IT consulting and development company with over 20 years of experience.

Small and medium-sized organizations that want to boost efficiency can take use of their services, and I've had the opportunity to develop the company's website and a number of Odoo platform extensions.

Digital ads

At Noosphere, I was tasked with creating digital ads for well-known firms to appear on online newspapers.

My role was to provide a cutting-edge experience while ensuring compliance with high-quality Web standards, from simple advertisements to complicated leaderboards that included the entire catalog.

L'essentiel radio

Noosphere proudly coordinated the communication campaign for a historic occasion in Luxembourg: the launch of L'essentiel Radio, the country's first French-language station.

My job was to make a mini-site to promote the launch of the radio through a Facebook contest.


Leasinvest Immo Lux has called on Noosphere to develop the entire communication strategy around the Royal20 real estate project, an office building developed by Leasinvest at Boulevard Royal in Luxembourg.

WordPress websites

In the last several years, I have worked on a wide range of WordPress websites for a variety of clients, including corporations, organizations, charities, and agencies.

I can help with any part of WordPress, from the design of the front end and user interface to the development, maintenance, and security updates of plugins on the back end.

Five Insurance

Five Insurance is a company that provides monthly plans to its customers.

My task as a developer was to design the front-end with AngularJS for the B2B and B2C forms, which were linked to specialist tools for determining the insurance premium.


Vetedy is a WordPress website that was designed to be utilized by numerous administrators in different languages all around the world. Its complete customizability enables each department to manage its demands while maintaining a cutting-edge ux experience.


Go-Score provides management advice and assistance to companies.

On the server side, both the audit form and the algorithm for making reports were developed in order to automate the analysis process.

Porsche 65 ans

I designed and developed the event website for the 65th anniversary of porshe Luxembourg. Every month, a legendary model was introduced along with a variety of extras.

The website is based on 3D technology and allows users to interact with each 3D environment.


The "UXBrowser" helps in the analysis of user behavior across numerous websites. With the use of eyes and mouse tracking, analysis of facial expressions and brain activity, it allows to understand how to create better digital solutions.

Digital displays

Communication becomes more instantaneous and immersive as event technology advances.

As the head of the R&D department, I had the opportunity to design a wide range of digital displays, from prototypes to finished products, including "holographic" displays, touch terminals, and more.


With 3D printing, we could produce high-quality parts at consistently low costs, from prototype to final product. In combination with microelectronics, we have limitless creative freedom to envision the future.

Drawing and arts

I am passionate about art, drawing, digital paintaing and sculpting as tools for understand life in a much better fashion.

The brilliant scientist Albert Einstein once said, "Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death."

Wise words : Never stop learning.


The goal was to redesign the full workflow experience without breaking the collaborators workflow during and after the change and automate redundant tasks.

As project manager and developer, I developed and designed the entire program. I create numerous modules, such as a VAT checker, a manual extension related to the order, and support plugins.


WebDigitales is a company that is active in both digital and print marketing and has its headquarters midway between Brussels and Luxembourg.

My roles as a partner and head of the digital department included managing the day-to-day operations of the organization as well as the complete process of creating solutions for the company's clients.


Bel-Orient was the first Drupal-based online store that I developed as a freelancer, and it was launched in the year 2009.

Thanks to a wide range of features, such as a virtual tour, a custom shipping module, and a smooth integration with the company's process, it lets people from all over the world buy hand-made Oriental carpets right from the website.

Drupal websites

It was on the Drupal framework that I did the majority of my initial work.

At the heart of the majority of the early websites I created, I also had the opportunity to create several modules to expand the platform's capabilities.



As freelancer with over a decade of experience in the field, I have assisted many professionals in creating a digital environment that meets their requirements.

I assist in the development of products and strategies, and I can also provide customized training on how to use these tools in business or in personal life.


Jway has been offering a smart form generation platform since 2004. Used by several prestigious administrations, it allows more than 20 millongs of users to access dematerialized procedures in 30 different countries.

As facilitator, I help to increase the visibility and automate de diffusion of the solution. As a fullstack developer, I develop the UI editor suite.

Ierace Dechmann & partners

ID+P is fascinated by communication and will assist their customers in understanding and reaching their target audience however, whenever, and wherever they want. Their diverse and complementary expertise enables them to handle any challenge in both traditional and digital formats.

My responsibility as a developer was to create modern websites and backends.


Every month, BCELEC serves thousands of consumers from its catalog of more than 50,000 products. My job following the migration from OSCommerce to Magento was to automate the entire workflow, from the order to the printing of the receipt through all distribution methods, spread among 9 dedicated stores and a multitude of marketplaces.

Web2App & WebDigitales

Web2app was founded in 2008 with the goal of assisting small and medium-sized businesses in digitizing.

In 2009, the activity was merged with WebDigitales, where I became a partner and the head of the digital department.